“UNITED HELP – brand new approach to the human security” – television channel RTI


Alexander Konovalov, revealed some of the secrets of our projects (DROTR and UNITED HELP) in the studio of RTI channel.
“We have created a service that can unite all security companies of the world with all people in the world. The problem of security is global. In Ukraine, 42% of people have already suffered of becoming victims of crime. But in the US the level of homicides per 100 thousand of population is 5 times higher than in Ukraine! A security issues for the European market has intensified due to the influx of refugees”.
Alexander pointed out that the high technology and innovation make UNITED HELP unrivaled even in the world market. Know-how of the project is ahead of the decision of such giants like Google, Microsoft and rescue services 911 and 112: «UNITED HELP allows you to call for help from the entrances and underground passages, where people are often attacked. Alarm signal of UNITED HELP will be given, even in condition of the absence of GPS and the internet connection. And this is only a small part of our capabilities”.
For our team, the words of the radio presenter Nazar Maslyanyiy are especially valuable: “I wish you further success. Thank you for what you have done. Thank you for doing this in Ukraine”.

Alexander Konovalov on RTI

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