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We have a new home!

The innovative company TIW has two new addresses – in Ukraine and Switzerland. In Ukraine, we are working in the business center “Forum Business City”. By the time everything is ready – we are waiting for our colleagues, partners and our friends!

Partnership with Rubinberg AG (Switzerland)

United Help Project is included in the portfolio of the investment fund Rubinberg AG (Switzerland).The joint of efforts will allow to scale the project all over the world. The main office of United Help is settled in Zurich and that is where from the project will be developed. United Help is planning to organize the […]

Alexander Konowalow (UNITED HELP) und Nikolai Galushko (SECURITY GROUP GALID)
UNITED HELP entered the stage of the closed system testing

In February, 2016 UNITED HELP entered the stage of the closed system testing in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Two authoritative security companies, the holding company “SPRUT” (Kyiv) and SECURITY GROUP GALID (Kyiv region), became the partners of the project. The security holding company “SPRUT” has the experience of providing the safety of “Eurovision-2005”, “Euro-2012” and […]

“UNITED HELP BECOMES A BODYGUARD FOR EVERYONE” – about the special features of the security system – in the studio of the “Gromadske radio”

In the studio of the “Gromadske radio” Alexander Konovalov told about how security system UNITED HELP will increases the efficiency of professional security companies and the police: “Thousands of security companies protect banks, apartments, houses. It costs a lot of money and not all people can afford it. Therefore, one of our innovations is a […]

“UNITED HELP – brand new approach to the human security” – television channel RTI

Alexander Konovalov, revealed some of the secrets of our projects (DROTR and UNITED HELP) in the studio of RTI channel. “We have created a service that can unite all security companies of the world with all people in the world. The problem of security is global. In Ukraine, 42% of people have already suffered of […]

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