“UNITED HELP BECOMES A BODYGUARD FOR EVERYONE” – about the special features of the security system – in the studio of the “Gromadske radio”


In the studio of the “Gromadske radio” Alexander Konovalov told about how security system UNITED HELP will increases the efficiency of professional security companies and the police: “Thousands of security companies protect banks, apartments, houses. It costs a lot of money and not all people can afford it. Therefore, one of our innovations is a business-model. Previously, the service of personal protection cost about $ 100 a month and spread to the territory where a certain security company worked. UNITED HELP costs about $ 5 and will protect its users around the world.”

It turned out that the radio presenters did not need to be convinced of the relevance of the project, the main question was when it is planned to start the security system UNITED HELP. Alexander explained that now UNITED HELP is being tested. Its main task is to work with the security staff that has never saved the people roaming the coordinates. Many questions are related to the legal aspect, because the safety system will unite thousands of security companies with millions of clients of UNITED HELP. “The main thing for us is to achieve 100% reliability. While common application can tolerate small errors in the work we can’t omit them,”- Alexander said.

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